About us

Who We Are

At Group Ott, we are committed to building an optimal portfolio through real estate and equity investment across a range of international markets, which means connecting exciting businesses and initiatives from across the world to the growth and capital investment opportunities they need. With a strong track record in the investment sphere, we position ourselves as a market-leading investment partner in the fields of finance and business development.

Our scope

We have bases in France, Czechia, Germany and USA, giving us an almost unparalleled level of scope and capability. The contacts we have built up over more than three decades operating in these international markets have put us in an ideal position. It is from this position that we have been able to hone our approach, investing in a wide variety of projects while also delivering the business management that organizations need in an increasingly global, multi-faceted market ecosystem. We seek to connect businesses with the right opportunities and vehicles for growth, as we build diversified portfolios that include asset classes spanning the global private investing spectrum. Our multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team works closely with clients to understand aims and objectives, as well as your appetite for risk, on the way to tailoring a solution with the right degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return, and liquidity profile.

  • Ott Family

    Ott family is respected and known in Europe, made serious investments and has responsible behaviour.

  • Winners mentality

    We can fall but we never lose. Our only target is success and victory.

  • Experience sharing

    One founder, leader and mentor. We share within our team all experience ever gained so mistakes are not repeated.

  • Respect for all

    We don’t judge people, respect everyone and fell responsibility for our surrounding.